Month names. i18n, you know

Whenever you see something like this you should come to an idea something is wrong (for instance, the guy who wrote this is still alive):

'month names in Latvian
Dim sMonth() As String = _
            {"Janvāris", "Februāris", "Marts", "Aprīlis", _
            "Maijs", "Jūnijs", "Jūlijs", "Augusts", _
            "Septembris", "Oktobris", "Novembris", "Decembris"}

Dim oListItem as ListItem
For iMonth as Integer = 1 To 12
  oListItem = New ListItem(sMonth(iMonth-1),  iMonth.ToString())

Explanation – if MS Windows knows quite well how months are named in Latvia, why should you try to be smarter than the big brother? Another explanation – if this is a web project (and in my case it is), you should think of internationalization whenever possible.

So a more correct way to add month names to a dropdown menu is:

Imports System.Globalization
Dim oListItem as ListItem
For iMonth As Integer = 0 To 11
   oEntry = New Web.UI.WebControls.ListItem( _
         CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture.DateTimeFormat.MonthNames(iMonth), _

And, to be even more precise, you could first check how many months there are in the current culture:

For iMonth As Integer = 0 To _
                CultureInfo. CurrentUICulture.Calendar. _ 
                GetMonthsInYear(Now.Year) - 1

/Just trying to be a good boy and use the facilities provided by the framework/

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  1. Ummm.. par to, kad attiecīgajā kultūrā ir cits skaits mēnešu.. tad jau vajag arī štukot par to, kādi vispār ir viņiem gadi, un cik dienas mēnesī un tamlīdzīgi, un tad Tavam appam jāspēj kaut kā paņemt šo īpatnēji ievadīto datumu un pārveidot standarta datumā… yuk.

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