SPUser? SPException!

Something on SharePoint(TM) again. Either you love it or hate it, you have to work around all the pitfalls anyway.

So we all know that in SharePoint you can allow people and assign them SharePoint roles in two ways:

  • creating a “Sharepoint User” within the portal and assigning roles to the user,
  • adding a domain group to users and assigning roles to a particular group.

The first case is the easy one. The second is not. Continue reading SPUser? SPException!

Does this user belong to that domain group?

UPD: This works only on LDAP groups and LDAP:// provider, not WinNT groups!

If we know two things – a login name of a user for instance northwind\JohnDoe and a domain group northwind\board. We want to check if John Doe belongs to the “board” group or not.

This is how you find it: IsUserMember( "northwind\JohnDoe", "northwind\board")

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